Heartland Dvd Set

heartland dvd set
heartland dvd set

Heartland dvd set is a a set of dvds based on the the books created and written by lauren brooke and first came out as a novel in the year 2000 and was titled coming home .

The series is about a young girl called amy fleming who resides on a horse ranch called heartland and situated in virginia.Amy ,her family and friends help and attempt to heal mistreated and abused horses by using different types of treatment and therapies as opposed to the more traditional accepted methods.

Throughout the series the main character amy finds she is healing herself along with all the horses that she is treating .The novel itself was aimed at a target readership of 8 to 14 years old .In the year 2007 a new tv series based on the books of lauren brooke started but was set in canada in the canadian provence of alberta and was first shown in canada on the cbc network .The stars of the tv series were amber marchal,graham wardie,michelle morgan,shaun johnstone,alisha neaton,chris potter,kerry james,gabriel hogan,nathanial arcand and jessica steen.

Amy marchall the lead character of the series has inherited her mothers ways and gift of being able interact with the horses by obtaining their trust.When amy was just a teenager she was seriously injured in a car crash in which her mother marion died when trying to save an abused horse spartan.Amy was unable to attend her mother marion funeral because she was still recovering in hospital with injuries sustained in the accident.Amy’s enstranged father tim returns to attend the funeral.When amy is released from hospital and returns home she makes a decision to continue the work her mother had started of healing abused and damaged horses.However amy must try to readjust to her father and elder sister lou making a return home and once again becoming part of her life.Over a period of time amy strikes up a strong bond with a young man who works as a ranch hand at heartland as part of his probation his name is ty borden.

Ty begins to help and assist amy in trying to heal the horses and there friendship over time soon turns to love. Their relationship is very rocky and they break up on a few occasions but always make up again.Ty proposes marriage to amy and she accepts but the sudden change in their relationship causes the again to break up for a short period.When the two rescue a herd of horses penned by by other ranchers who wrongly believe they are causing major problems to there land which they require for there cattle.When ty was a young child he was abused by his stepfather wade,ty later attacked his stepfather for assaulting his mother and was later arrested and sent to juvenile hall and to complete his sentence he was accepted for probation as ranch hand at heartland.

If you have got curious and not yet viewed the tv series then now is the time to possibly purchase the heartland dvd set you wont be disapointed.